What Does Your Facility Say to a Potential Customer?

Twenty years ago, the potential customer / vendor award process was strictly based on cost and deliverables. Today that award process has expanded to include BWC records, financial stability scores, and a facility tour. The tour of your facility tells your perspective customer a great deal about your business practices and how those practices would translate to any future business relationship.

What are they looking for on the tour?

  • Lighting – If it’s not clear and bright, then it is not conducive to error-free and accurate work. Good lighting shows that you are proud of your facility and your employee’s safety, efficiency and accuracy.
  • The condition of the lift truck fleet –  Are all trucks in good operating condition, do you have the proper fleet size and specifications  to perform tasks efficiently? Can you produce fleet records if asked? A clean, efficient, and productive fleet shows you are ready to meet the expectations of your potential customer and there is no perceived need to “gear up” for new business. Having fleet records shows attention to detail and willingness to track and grade performance.
  • The condition of your racks –  Are they clean and well maintained? Is your rack fully maximized to facility dimensions?   Are they well labeled? Do aisle widths meet efficiency expectations? A maintained and organized rack layout tells customers you care about your own product and its safe, efficient storage. This leads to limited product damage and increased accuracy for your customer. Proper aisle widths let customers know that you have a well thought out and efficient warehouse able to handle any increase in business.
  • Orderly and Cleanliness – How clean and orderly is your facility? Do you designate areas in your facility for lift truck maintenance and parking? Battery changing and storage? How is your inbound and outbound product stored? An organized facility tells that prospective customer that you are efficient and that attention to detail matters, the same attributes you would bring to any business relationship.

Your facility should make a positive impression on a potential customer, but if the tour was today, what impression will they have? Facility Application Surveys are just one of the many personalized fleet management services Fleet Team provides. Contact us for additional details on this program or any other fleet management services we can provide your organization.


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